We understand that suffering a water pipe leak in your home can be extremely distressing, expensive and disruptive. We are a leading plumbing company. Our non-destructive leak detection methods consistently locate leaks with minimal damage and disruption to your property. We accurately pin-point the source of the leak’s location, avoiding the unnecessary mess and expense of tearing open walls, floors, and ceilings or digging up your entire yard and landscape.  You’re looking for experts that will provide you with the reassurance the pipe leak will be found and fixed, as quickly as possible with minimum disruption and cost to you. We strive to provide high-quality service, reliability and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re losing boiler pressure, can smell mould, have a damp patch or have received a high water bill, we can help you identify and fix the leak as quickly as possible. After all, the impact of leaks should never be underestimated. But discovering a leak early is just the start. The cost and disruption of locating the source can be equally considerable. If the leak isn’t obvious, a plumber may cause further damage to find it. So don’t hesitate, speak to us.

         Our plumber will bring with him his vast experience and knowledge of finding and fixing leaks, he’ll arrive at your home fully equipped to find your leak precisely and accurately. Once the leak has been found, we can dig it up and get it fixed on the same day, minimizing the stress for you. Our aim is to leave you safe in the knowledge that the leak is fixed, with the smallest disruption caused.

        In the past, the detection of water leaks would have involved walls, floors and other pipes being damaged to locate the leak. Nowadays we can utilize efficient equipment that protects your assets and provides damage limitation. We ensure a quick resolution that’s both cost effective and will cause minimal disruption.

Leak repair

         Nothing is more dangerous and damaging in your home than a water leak. If left undetected, leaks will cause extensive damage to your home and require costly repairs. For fast and reliable leak detection and repairs, trust 911 Plumber LA. Leaky pipes can be difficult to spot, and they can cause extensive damage to your home before you even realize that they are there. A plumber from our company can determine the root of the problem and take the necessary steps to fix it. Don’t live with the threat of water damage to your home; if you detect any signs, call 911 Plumber LA right away.

       A root system will always search for fresh water, even if it means bursting through your pipes. If a root system takes hold of your external pipes, you will develop a leak that needs immediate attention.

       Over time, your pipes will experience wear and tear and begin to deteriorate. These old, outdated pipes are more prone to leak and often require replacement. The extra stress put on pipes from clogged drains or toilets often causes leaks to develop. Blockages are often the result of built up food, hair, grease and even foreign objects in the pipes. By digging and drilling into your wall, floor or ceiling, we can easily locate and expose the leak for a quick and effortless repair. Using an infrared camera, we take photos of your pipes at multiple angles. This tells us where the leak is located and how extensive the damage is without causing damage to your property. We will measure the water pressure in your pipes and comparing it to measurements from a healthy pipe. By comparing the two, we can determine if there is a leak.

Slab leaks 

            Slab leaks are among the most damaging kinds of plumbing emergencies that a homeowner can experience. Slab leak detection requires an experienced plumbing expert and a careful, thorough process using modern tools like specialized leak detection equipment. Slab leaks are also known as base leaks or solid slab leaks. A slab leak happens when the pipes in the water and sewer lines beneath your home break, crack or burst. The leak is not actually in the slab, but in the pipes beneath it. Because it is underground, the source of a slab leak is not visible to the naked eye. Slab leak detection symptoms: Running water but no appliances are on; Warm spots on the floor; Wet groundwork boards; Damp carpets or water on the floor; High water bill. On top of excellent customer service and a focus on satisfaction and long-lasting results, we offer a variety of perks which make working with our team even better.  911 Plumber LA provides complete slab leak detection and repair services. If you suspect a slab leak in your home, call us and we will come in any time.

Valve repair

         To get help with either replacing or repairing the valves in your plumbing, call 911 Plumber LA.

         Many homeowners pay no attention to the water valves inside or outside their homes until a situation arises when they need to turn off the water. It is best to regularly check the water valves in your home, the main plumbing valves as well as the ones connected to your appliances. This way if there is a problem you can call in an experienced professional like 911 Plumber LA to repair, replace or even install a new plumbing valve before there is a problem.  Valves are a crucial aspect of any plumbing system. Your plumbing system has valves in: Sinks; Tubs; Water Heaters; Washing Machines;

          Outdoor Hoses. Any one of these valves could break or leak, sometimes requiring immediate attention. While many people regularly replace their washing machine hoses to prevent a catastrophic flooding situation, people seldom think about replacing the valves. We can provide a certified plumber to replace any of your old valves.